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Amazon Canada is the fastest-growing e-commerce market in North America. Many U.S.-based businesses are struggling to capitalize on this massive untapped market due to regulatory hurdles. We can help! Our team of experts are well-versed in the Canadian regulatory framework, and we can work together with you to ensure your products are compliant with Canadian requirements.

Hurdles Global Businesses Face when selling on Amazon Canada

Navigating Regulatory Hurdles

Obtaining the correct certifications

Label Review and Translations

We identify the problems companies face selling in Canada that we can help them solve

Trying to navigate the regulatory requirements to sell on Amazon Canada yourself is time-consuming, costly, and often ends up leading to refusals. Many global businesses looking to sell get their products compliant for sale in the Canadian market are running into hurdles with regulations and are wondering what they can do.

Why Quality Smart Solutions?

Serving You First

Your business and compliance needs are our priority. By first educating you about the regulatory requirements, then outlining how our solutions complement your strategy, our best-in-class approach helps your business grow.

Import Solutions

Our sister company, Quality IMPORT Solutions, holds a Health Canada licence to import Natural Health Products and a CFIA license to import conventional and supplemented foods.

Decades of Experience

Our team, consisting of former government agents to industry professionals, our knowledge and situations will guide your business in the right direction, ensure you complay and mitigate risk.

We Help You Grow Globally

We support your domestic and international growth by offering regulatory solutions both in-house and with our extensive international compliance network partners so you comply with the applicable jurisdiction’s regulations.

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